The University of Cambridge local examination syndicate (UCLES) created the Business English Certificate (BEC), an international examination designed to assess business English proficiency.

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Structure of the test:

There are two stages to the BEC
First stage:

It consists of two tests: Reading/Writing and Listening. Candidates who obtain grades A, B, and C in stage 1 (and D for BEC prelim only) will receive a certificate from UCLES.

Second stage: 

The purpose of this test is to assess the ability to speak. An individual who demonstrates a sufficient level of spoken English will have this recorded separately on their certificate as Grade 1 or 2.

Several employers recognize Business English certificates as proof of a holder’s ability to work in a wide variety of professional situations. Several companies and organizations in India have officially recognized or used BEC, either in recruiting staff or to train and develop their staff.

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